Annual Meeting 2021


PASS IS DEAD! Now what? Now that PASS is no more what will we do? How will we function? What platforms are we going to use? What's an Annual meeting? Since we are a 501c3 organization we are required once a year to meet to vote on the board of directors and discuss the status […]

“All About Temporary Objects” by Ed Pollack

Ed Pollack will present "All About Temporary Objects" Database development and administration require temporary objects for ETL, staging, data processing, and many other common tasks. In this session, we will delve into temporary tables, table variables, and memory-optimized table variables, as well as memory-optimized TempDB metadata, discussing their differences, how they work, and the optimal […]

Cancelled: “Monitoring High Availability Groups” by Tracy Boggiano


About Tracy Boggiano Tracy Boggiano is currently a Data Platform MVP, PASSion 2020 Award winner, and works as a Senior Database Administrator for DocuSign. Tracy has worked on SQL Server since 6.5. She has spoken at numerous local user groups and SQLSaturdays, virtual groups, Data Relay, and Summit. She is currently a co-leader of […]

“The TempDB” by Deepthi Goguri


Tempdb, everyone needs it but also wonder how to get most of it! Tempdb is the most important database in SQL Server Engine but less talked about. Knowing tempdb internals and to properly configure tempdb is crucial to avoid the serious implications in your application performance. In this session, we will learn the fundamentals of tempdb database as it is very crucial and […]