“All About Temporary Objects” by Ed Pollack

Ed Pollack will present "All About Temporary Objects" Database development and administration require temporary objects for ETL, staging, data processing, and many other common tasks. In this session, we will […]

“Monitoring High Availability Groups” by Tracy Boggiano


About Tracy Boggiano https://i1.wp.com/tracyboggiano.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/MVP.png?resize=580%2C513&ssl=1 Tracy Boggiano is currently a Data Platform MVP, PASSion 2020 Award winner, and works as a Senior Database Administrator for DocuSign. Tracy has worked on SQL […]

“Finding the Right Data Types” by Kevin Wilkie


About Kevin Wilke https://sessionize.com/image/b580-400o400o2-da-01f6-463b-a265-87d3459fa116.72b9e4e7-e3a1-4769-8204-8ad366466ba1.jpg Kevin Wilkie Sherpa of Data in all of it's various forms, i.e. Power BI, Tableau, R, SQL Server, Oracle, PostGres, etc... Kevin has 15+ years experience […]