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What is DevOps and why should DBAs care? Presented by Kathi Kellenberger


You may have heard the term "DevOps" a lot lately, but is this just one of those buzzwords that gets thrown around and means something different depending on who's talking? While traditional software methodologies pit developers and operations folks like DBAs against each other, DevOps requires that they work together for a common goal. And, […]

“Introduction to GDPR” by Yuli Stremovsky


"Intro to GDPR" by Yuli Stremovsky What is GDPR and what do you need to know about it? Yuli Stremovsky is a world-class software and security architect. Founder of and privacy products. Former Checkpoint, and RSA Security employee. An expert in marrying technological solutions with privacy.

Creating your first Azure VM (CANCELLED)


This meeting has been cancelled due to lack of RSVPs. We will try to reschedule this presentation in 2022. Creating your first Azure VM Abstract: Azure SQL VM is part of an Azure SQL family and is a Microsoft’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) product platform. In this 60-minute session, I will demo the creation […]