The Lincoln SQL Server User Group was established in 2011 as a Chapter of PASS for Database Professionals in and around Lincoln, Nebraska. In 2016 we incorporated as a 501c3. After the dissolution of PASS in 2021 due to the pandemic we have been on our own to keep our purpose alive. That purpose, like PASS, has always been to connect, share, and learn.

While our name says SQL Server, and our focus is primarily on SQL Server, we do venture into other data platforms and data technologies. We want to help you grow as a Database Professional and help you advance your career through knowledge and networking.

We tried to keep things going through the pandemic with online meetings, but the concensus was that everyone was getting burned out with that, so we have been quiet the past couple years and waiting to see how things transformed in this post pandemic age. At PASS Data Summit this past November I spoke with a number of Community Leaders and we all agreed, that it has been a struggle and almost every local SQL Server User Group has struggled to get things going again. It’s time to to start rebuilding our group with old and new faces. Help us get the word out.

We have a presence on.